Why Should You secure your Cloud Login Details?

feature-1Cloud computing login details including passwords, username, security questions and other important details that is normally being asked in case of a theft or loss of data is very important to be kept secured. You should ensue also that these details are free of access of anyone else that would caused your cloud computing account or other data to be compromised. In this new advantage of technology, even new tools such as “remember me” passwords and other login details are being used by almost everyone else especially if you are using your personally owned devices. Read More→

How Your Personal Accounts for Cloud Computing is Breached?

feature-2Have you heard or experienced one time that your email, social media account, or simple received a notice that your account was opened somewhere and then you can’t remember doing so? No need for you to panic first since today, cloud computing accounts like Google are being monitored by the developer themselves, unless, the person or group that is trying to hack or hijack your account have all the data needed in order to achieve their goal. Read More→

How to Safely Store Your Important Data

feature-3If you have experienced working online as a “VA” (Virtual Assistant) or simply into online business and have managed to handle a lot of account data that is seems really impossible each of them for you to remember their login and most probably your passwords. You have thought that all your passwords and login will be placed in a spreadsheet and then upload it on your personal cloud computing data with your normal user login and password, imagine if the security of that storage have been breach by a powerful hacking syndicate and that includes your data, that would indeed spell a disaster. Read More→